Summer Training Information

Summer Soccer Training is open to all High School Athletes interested in trying out for the MIHS Girls Soccer Team.

In order to participate in Summer Training each athlete is required to have a completed Athletic Eligibility Packet on file with the MIHS Athletic office.

  • For CURRENT HIGH SCHOOL ATHLETES: If your student played a high school sport during the current school year Fall season, and therefore has already submitted athletic eligibility packet during this school year, they are already cleared to participate in summer activities.

  • For INCOMING FRESHMAN, or any student that has not already submitted an athletic packet, a current school year eligibility packet must be completed and submitted to the Athletic Office BEFORE THE FINAL WEEK of school. Eligibility packets are available in the MIHS Athletic Office or can be downloaded from the front page of the MIHS Athletics section here: https://www.mercerislandschools.org/Page/5282

  • For EVERYONE IN AUGUST: Before you are eligible for soccer tryouts, all players must complete registration for the NEW school year. Note: Doctor signed sports physical form required. More info on Online Athletic Registration.

Summer Training Schedule

Summer Coaches Training:

  • Mondays, June 10 - July 29, 6pm - 8pm @ MIHS Stadium

  • Wednesdays, June 26 - July 31, 8am - 10am @ MIHS Stadium

Captains Practices (led by the Varsity Team Co-Captains)

  • Dates and times to be confirmed

  • Normally: Mondays & Wednesdays, August 5 - August 21, 8am - 10am @ MIHS Stadium

Tryouts: August 26-28, 6pm - 8pm @ MIHS Stadium

Please Support the MI Girls Soccer Booster Club

The Mercer Island Girls Soccer Booster Club is a separate entity from ASB and exists to support and supplement our MIHS girls soccer team program.

Your Donations Provided the Following to Support MIHS Girls Soccer:

Seniors on backs and goofy.jpg
  • Training gear, season scholarships and special training/coaching.

  • Equipment replacement/upgrades. Last year we contributed to the purchase of plexiglass bench shelters for our teams.

  • Additional bus transportation to/from games as needed.

  • End of Season Celebration and Awards

  • Senior Night/MIFC Night

  • Game programs, posters, calendars, yard signs and communication tools.

  • Coffee at Home games

  • 5013c Status

  • Miscellaneous costs not covered by ASB


Game & Event Schedule


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Support MIHS Girls Soccer Booster Club

The Mercer Island Girls Soccer Booster Club is a separate entity from ASB and is made up of volunteers.  It exists to support and supplement our girls soccer teams by providing initiatives to build spirit, support coaches in their efforts to improve athlete‚Äôs skills, and provide team t-shirts and other equipment as needed.


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